About Us

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Can soap be interesting and practical?

At FallingRiver Soap, we think so.

Usually, soap is for getting clean. For many, it is about pleasing scents. For some, it concerns skin health. Perhaps it can be all of these . . . and more.

FallingRiver is providing soap that is organic. This means the ingredients are easy to understand. These products are made to standards that have been time tested. Glycerin-rich soaps have been cleaning for thousands of years. Medical science is doing studies and finding benefits and therapeutic value from natural soaps and shampoos.

In today’s world, our soaps are for those who want something that is special.

You may enjoy the unique scent created when we combine our soaps with essential oils made from sources like flowers, fruits and herbs.

You may be seeking a personal solution for yourself and wanting a mild soap that is well balanced. Many of our soaps are designed to clean well and be gentle.

Our hope is that our products make your life easier and healthier.

Thank you,

FallingRiver Staff