The Summer garden is flowering, sending wonderful scent molecules into the air. The Bees are happy and my Lavender is in its second bloom. The first flowering is cut and dried and getting ready to transform any number of products at FallingRiver with its much loved, clean, relaxing fragrance and deep, purple color. Wikipedia thank you for this: “Lavendula is a genus of 39 known species of flowering plants in the mint family Lamiaceac.”

I am currently growing English Lavender, French Lavender and Lavandin.


We use Lavender here, at FallingRiver, for its clear fragrance but also for its antibacterial properties. It has been a favorite scent for men and women since Medieval times. Paring the Lavender Essential oil with citrus oils like lime, tangerine, and orange is one of our customer favorites, we call it Citrus Lavender. I like Lavender Essential oil mixed with a touch of Patchouli and a hint of citrus. Lavender is found in several of our body butters, scrubs and soaps. One of our specialty soaps “Lavender Provencel” has the buds in the bar. A soothing refreshing Natural Scent in the garden, in the kitchen or in the bath Lavender can find a place.

Use a small organdy bag filled with the dried buds bag-gordandy and put it into a lingerie drawer, for a beautiful lingering scent, or hang a bag in your closet to help keep moths away. Put it into the dryer to freshen towels and sheets, or just give it to a friend to freshen their car or linen closet. There is no end to the creative projects a true Lavender enthusiast can come up with.

I will leave you today with a lovely easy Vinegar Rinse for normal hair:

lavender-vinegar-bottle-2Lavender Vinegar Rinse for Normal Hair.

1 cup distilled water

2 TBS Apple cider Vinegar

15 drops Lavender Essential oil

Put all into a squeeze bottle and use as a final rinse for shiny hair.

Send us some of your favorite Lavender ideas and make the bees happy; plant more Lavender!