Winter Surprise: Sweet Strawberries

This year, I was able to take my first trip to Madrid and Paris. It was different, for me, to get away from my local winter and share a Spanish Winter. There were very few crowds in art galleries and traveling by Metro was convenient. All the “other” tourists seemed to have different locals in mind. Our lightweight, down, packable jackets and vests made it possible to stay warm in the mild Madrid and Paris Winter; with our umbrellas we were good-to-go!

Pictured: A breakfast Pottery plate from Talavera de la Reina with fresh fruit from a Fruteria (fruit shop) in Batán; which offered many sweet delights My favorite was the Moroccan Strawberries and Moroccan Jumbo Medjool dates; so amazingly sweet and fresh.

The Pastoret Yogurt ( from the Market of San Miguel – near La Plaza Mayor – was a great addition to my breakfast. This, naturally cultured, yogurt is creamy and comes in a glass jar. The flavor choices were delightful. And, I have to say, the Market there is a “do-not-miss stop” – even with the tourist prices.