Why Organic?

IMG_1767. Why Organic

Are you careful about the amount of toxins entering your body? Eating healthy foods and drinking clean beverages are important. Fresh air and exercise helps maintain a healthful lifestyle.

The skin also absorbs toxins too. Deciding what kind of soap to use, means being aware of the ingredients your soap was made from. Organic soap has the value of being made with ingredients you can understand. Using organic products is one more way for you to enjoy a lifestyle that shows you care.

Why Use Organic Soap?

Soaps made with organic ingredients are free from herbicides, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are certified by the National Organic Program (USDA-NOP).

According to researchers at the Medical College of Georgia:
Glycerin, commonly found in skin care, attracts water and helps skin look better and ingredients in organic soaps may have therapeutic value as well.

Try organic soaps and discover for yourself why we love them!