Bath Tea


Exotic bath treatments come in many forms: Bath oils, bath bombs, bath salts and bath teas are all part of building a bath ritual with benefits. If you are new to exotic bath treatments, then bath tea is the perfect product for you to start with.

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The large size tea bag contains a medley of herbs and flowers, designed to lift your spirits and sooth your skin. There is absolutely no mess from bits of pieces in the tub, and the delicious aroma of essential oils, wafting in steam, will begin its rejuvenation magic as you slip into your herbal tea bath.

Your tea bag will float and the rose petals and lavender buds will not clog your drain. Hibiscus gives a lovely color to the bath water! The large size tea bag can be used three times within four days. You don’t want to let it stick around wet or it can get moldy.

Baking Soda helps to soften the water, while the Essential oils of lavender, lemon, lemongrass, and sweet orange, help to create a luxurious bath that is a proven way to relieve the stresses of the day. Herbal bathing is a valuable self-care tool to add to your bath routine.


Organic flowers; Rose Lavender, Hibiscus, Organic leaves of Comfrey and lemon balm, Star Anise, Orange Peel, Baking Soda, EO lavender, lemongrass, sweet Orange, lemon and grapefruit.