Charcoal Soap


One 4 ounce Bar

Clean, really clean with this Artisan soap

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Charcoal soap is a great choice for a skin detox. It absorbs deep into the pores to draw out dirt and oil. You can use it for your face and body anytime you need to refresh your skin. Charcoal Soap is a helpful soap that is gentle and never drying. The gentle scent of Spearmint Essential Oil and Cassia Oil create a warm refreshing aroma. The Cold Process method used in making this soap, ensures the most amount of glycerin possible is retained, which helps to make a milder soap that produces a rich luscious lather. With a low ph and a curing time of three months, this soap is sure to become part of your skin healthcare regime.

Net Weight: 4-ounces per bar.

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Dimensions 3.75 × 2.75 × 1.5 in


Organic Olive oil, organic Coconut oil, organic Avocado oil, organic Castor oil, EO Spearmint, Charcoal, Distilled water.